Financial Markets

Statistics and market data on Financial Markets

Financial Markets statistics The category ‘Financial Markets’ presents statistical data on these marketplaces where buyers and sellers take part in the trade of assets. Assets can include anything from equities and bonds, to currencies and derivatives. Prices of the securities that trade on the financial markets are dictated by market forces; shifts in the market are governed by the rules of supply and demand. Financial markets typically have transparent pricing and enforce basic regulations on trading. Financial markets can be found in most of the world’s nations. Some of the financial markets are very small, whereas some are vast. The NASDAQ stock exchange is the globe’s second largest stock exchange. The New York based exchange platform, owned by the NASDAQ OMX Group, trades in trillions of dollars per day. The term ‘financial market’ is often just used in reference to the markets that are used to raise finance. In the longer term, the capital markets, in the short term, money markets. There are also, of course, a number of other financial markets including futures, stocks and bonds. These financial markets have a number of functions within the market system, they provide standardized forward contracts, financing through the issuance of shares and stock and its trading, and finance through the issuance of bonds, respectively.

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