Most followed accounts on twitter worldwide as of June 2016 (in millions)

This statistic presents a ranking of the most followed Twitter accounts as of June 2016, sorted by the highest numbers of followers. During that month, singer Katy Perry's account @katyperry had 89.55 million followers. In comparison, US President Barack Obama's account was followed by 75.56 million people.

Celebrities and Twitter

Founded in 2006, Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that allows users to post text-based status updates and messages of up to 140 characters in length. These messages are known as tweets. As of the fourth quarter of 2015, Twitter had more than 305 million monthly active users.

In order to establish authenticity of identity on Twitter, accounts of people from high-interest areas such as music, fashion, entertainment, politics, media, business or other areas as well as individuals at high risk of impersonation are verified by Twitter. The verification badge symbolizes that the account is maintained by a legitimate source.

Twitter provides a near-instant access channel to celebrities. The majority of the top ten most-followed Twitter accounts are entertainers who use the medium to communicate with fans, spread relevant news regarding their work or work on their public image. The near-instant gratification through a stream of direct updates from celebrities or personalities as well as the feeling of belonging to a particular group of fans is a popular reason for social media users to use Twitter.

Major sporting events and industry award shows such as the Grammy or Academy Awards generate lots of online buzz on Twitter. The online discussion allows users to participate in the success of celebrities who often post behind-the-scenes photo tweets or commentaries. On-set or in-concert tweets are further methods of celebrities enhancing their appeal, and level of fan interaction.

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 Number of followers in millions
@katyperry 93.01
@justinbieber 88.15
@taylorswift13 80.17
@barackobama 77.52
@YouTube 64.08
@ladygaga 63.67
@rihanna 62.88
@TheEllenShow 62.34
@Twitter 56.8
@jtimberlake 55.9
Source information for logged in users only.
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