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Art & Culture statistics In this section, Statista presents statistics, facts and Statista Dossiers relating to arts and culture. This includes comprehensive information on topics such as the global art market (e.g. art auctions), theaters, musicals and Broadway plays , museums, and libraries.

Within the arts, a wide range of human activities and their products can be found, depending on how one defines the field. Arts and culture are composed of numerous segments with different focuses; at the core are the visual arts, which include painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and other visual media. In a way, theater, film, music, dance, and other performing arts. Literature and interactive media can also be considered part of the arts. Today, many pieces of art can fetch millions of dollars at auctions, some are even surpassing the one-hundred million mark.

Many museums and other cultural institutions, such as the Smithsonian Institution in the United States, are under governmental administration, or are public institutions that receive public funding. Foundations, endowments, donations and trusts also play a major role in the arts and culture field. Libraries can be considered one of the backbones to arts and culture, since they present people with the opportunity to gather information and educate themselves about their fields of interest. The vast majority of the more than 100 thousand libraries in the United States are school libraries.

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