Digital Payments

Statistics and Market Data on Digital Payments

Digital Payments statistics This page provides statistics, facts and market data related to digital payments. This includes information on popular payment methods, transaction volume as well as demographics and country-specific online payments.

The topic of digital payments is integral to the field of e-commerce and includes a number of types of electronic funds transfers, from online credit and debit card use to electronic checks and electronic money. Near field communication (NFC) payment systems and the use of online payment service providers, such as PayPal and Google Wallet, are also covered in this section. Market data shows that the popularity of each type of mobile payment varies by region and the type of device used for purchasing. The eBay-owned PayPal, one of the more popular online payment service providers, has seen a steady increase in payment volume over the last several years. The idea of a mobile wallet, especially used to make payments at an in-store point-of-sale (i.e. with NFC), is still developing, but statistics show that it is slowly gathering steam.

As the use of digital payment increases, the security of these online transactions also grows in importance, as is evidenced by the multiple measures taken by users to secure their information. Many people abstain from using any mobile payment methods due to, among other security concerns, fears of data misuse or interception.

Despite these reservations, the convenience of digital payments for online orders of physical goods as well as paid digital content is rather alluring, as is indicated by the growing number of mobile payment users worldwide.

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