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The category Politics and Government covers statistics on the vast topic of politics – and besides that all data related to the U.S. government. The main category also covers polls and survey data on public opinion on political decisions, as well as the public opinion on the governments’ work in total.

The subsections provide in depth data on national elections, government finances and employment, and data on all things relating to national security.

The 2012 national election is the biggest topic regarding the elections category, presenting Republican and Democratic party spending and receipts, PAC and Super PAC involvement, public opinion, pre-election polls from various sources, the official election results and many other topics.
Government finances contains mainly data on past and future government spending as presented in official publications such as the budget report of the U.S. government. Additionally topics like U.S. tax income, the public debt, as well as debt on state and city level are covered.
The third subsection, national security, covers mainly data on the size and accouterment of the military, for example on the fleet of the U.S. Air Force. Historical data on war costs and casualties are provided as well, as is data on present conflicts with U.S. involvement. This subsection also contains general data on international conflicts and security provided by well-known international sources.

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