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The marketing and advertising subsector of media offers information on the marketing and advertising activities employed by companies of various sizes, as well as non-governmental organizations.

Marketing: The data that Statista provides on marketing covers traditional marketing channels, such as trade shows or and direct marketing, as well as the up-and-coming mobile and social media marketing. Company and industry budget information, overall and by channel, is available, along with effectiveness ratings of various B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing methods. Statistics on brands and the value of brands overall and by industry can be found on our platform, along with brand value rankings created by, among others, Millward Brown or Interbrand. Data on various types of agencies, such as media, PR, and advertising agencies, is provided, including business figures of individual firms as well as revenue and creativity rankings.

Advertising: Advertising data on Statista’s platform includes figures on advertising spending, revenues, and advertising effectiveness. Spending statistics include overall ad spending, as well as data on ad spending split by media type, ad campaign reach (local and national), and individual spending for various companies and brands. Ad revenue figures for online and offline media, as well as for various companies or awards shows are also available. Statistics on trust in advertising and how often people take action on certain types of advertising can be found, along with rankings of the most-viewed online video ads.

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