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Banks & Financial Services statistics The category ‘Banks and Financial Services’ presents statistical data on this crucially important sector within the financial system.

Banks provide us with the financial services that make up an essential part of our every day lives. Various banking forms exist to meet the needs of individual customers, enterprises or governments. Commercial banking services are the arm of the banking sector with which the majority of people come into contact for their day to day needs; they are most commonly referred to simply as ‘banks’. Commercial banks supply their customers with, among other things, personal, commercial and mortgage loans, credit cards, debit cards and check books and investment products such as mutual funds. The term ‘commercial bank’ is used predominantly to distinguish it from an investment bank. Investment banks offer services differing considerably from those offered by a commercial bank; an investment bank offers access to capital market services, underwriting debt and equity in order to assist in company deals such as mergers and acquisitions. It also provides services to individuals in private banking services, these are however only accessible to high-net-worth individuals and many investment banks require that a minimum net worth amount is met in order to qualify for the services. Although banks make up a significant part of what we understand to be financial services, the industry also encompasses a broad range of other industries that help us to manage money. These include everything from credit card companies, to credit unions, accountancy companies to investment funds to the brokerage of stock and investment funds.

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