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Radio, TV & Film statistics Statista’s data on the radio, TV and film industries cover a wide range of topics and have been structured as follows to help users find the information they need quickly:

Cinema & film: This section concerns film, cinema and box office revenues, as well as other key industry data. Statistics concerning the sector’s most important players, such as Warner Brothers and Buena Vista movie studios and the Cinemark or Regal Cinemas movie theater chains, are gathered here. Attention is paid o the development of the 3D cinema sector. This section also presents consumer data, such as movie-going frequency, preferred film genres and favorite snacks consumed at the movies.

TV & video: Here our users can find data gathered about the TV and video industries. Statista offers both general overview figures and specific numbers for the most significant companies in this sector and its subsectors. Pay TV, TV catch-up, and penetration of TV technologies and devices are extensively covered here. This subcategory provides TV ratings alongside data on time spent viewing TV and video content, while also covering special interest topics like cord cutting, cord shaving, piracy, over-the-top (OTT) streaming, and content consumption across screens.

Radio & audio: The heart of this section consists of key industry data on industry revenue, employment, and leading companies active in the field. Focus has been places on consumption data, such as time spent listening to radio and audio content, frequency of listening, preferred formats and devices. Digital audio content trends are also covered extensively, together with data on major players in the sector (such as Pandora or Sirius XM).

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More interesting topics from the industry "Radio, TV & Film"

More interesting topics from the industry "Radio, TV & Film"

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